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    The St. Francis de Sales Association was founded in France on 15th October 1872. It is a spiritual family made up of lay Catholics - single, married, or widowed - who choose to live their lives grounded in the Gospel and according to Salesian teachings and virtues. They follow our “Gentleman Saint” along our journey towards God.

This Salesian Family was abridged with the rule of life with the Motto,

    “Love is the fulfillment of the law” (Rom 13-10)

The rule of life:

  • Living according to the spirit of Jesus.
  • Living the Gospel in the Church and in the world.
  • Living the Gospel as disciples of St Francis de sales.
  • Living the Gospel with Mary the Mother of the Church and our Mother.

    The present General Directress is Mme. Annie Trabichet and Spiritual Director is Rev. Benoit Goubau, Belgium. The regional directresses for  India and  Bangladesh is Arogya Mary Chinnappa. In our province, there are 7 units, Jayakondam, Kumbakonam, Ayyampet, Chennai, Myladuthurai, Tranqabar and Ooty. The other units in India are Salem, Attur, Bangalore, Mysore, Nagpur, Murthijapur, Gujarat and Bilaspur. Thus, in India there are 15 units.

    SMMI sisters visit women in the schools, hospitals and in their houses. We speak of this association to them and encourage them to join this association to grow in spiritual life. We form groups in our localities and guide them frequently. The St. Francis de Sales Association in our province consists of teachers, nurses, workers of various jobs and widows.


    Sisters give three months of preparation for the beginners as the aspirantship, searching for God’s call. During this period, they are helped to understand the spirit and traditions of the organization. They discern their call to this Salesian family through prayer. If they decide to continue, they step into the next step “the process of Formation”.

    Daughters of SFS are offered a two year program of formation. During this time, they study and meditate the spirituality of SFS, on the Love of God, the virtues of Christian life. They are taught about the life history of St. Francis de Sales, “Introduction to the Devout Life”, “Treatise on the Love of God” and various probations.

    After completing the formation, they decide if they want to proceed with the final step of entering into the Salesian family: the “Act of Consecration”. By this consecration( without vows), they commit themselves to strive for holiness as it is found in the Gospel and in the spirit of St. Francis de Sales.

    Sisters gather them once in a month in a particular place and have sessions on different topics. They go along with our sisters for house visiting, listen to their problems and pray along with them. During Lenten season, they make it a point to visit the houses of the members of their Salesian family and pray the rosary, reflect the Word of God and pray together. They are even involved in prison ministry, visiting the sick in the hospitals and counseling others who are in need. As teachers, they help the students in a special way, paying more attention to the weak. They concentrate in moral up building of the students. As nurses, they attend to the patients with concern and love, speak to them words of consolation and give the assurance of their support through prayes. All in their own way, according to their status, try to live a life pleasing to God. Our sisters help them to keep up their spirit and encourage them in their charitable deeds towards the poor and the needy.

    They have annual retreat to renew and revive their spiritual life. Once in a year, we have a common gathering with DSFS, the Priests of SFS and the Sons of SFS on the occasion of the feast of St. Francis de Sales and have grand celebration of our patron saint with meaningful Eucharistic Celebration followed by agape.


 Daughters of SFS, after joining this Salesian family, they feel that,

  • A thirst to be with the Lord.
  • A longing to know more about God and grow in His love.
  • Having interest to read and meditate the word of God.
  • Experience peace of mind and contented heart.
  • Conscious to live according to the status of our lives.
  • Learn to look at life optimistically.
  • Remain calm and serene in all circumstances.
  • Be a channel of peace in their family and in the work-field.
  • Learnt to mend their way by frequent visit to the sacrament of Penance.
  • Grow in charitable works.

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