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        The vocation to apostleship is not something supererogatory in the life of a Christian. One cannot be a living member of the Church, the people of God, without being in one way or another, an apostle.

        This truth was brought out clearly by Vatican II. 22Madame Carre de Malberg had lived it long before that. In her childhood and in the first years of her married life, she lived it as though unconsciously, humbly unaware of her apostolate. Later, under Father Chaumont’s direction, it became more deliberate and more visible.

        She organized apostolate according to the needs of the various categories of persons whom she could reach; Association of Christian Ladies, Association of Christian Teachers, Association of Christian Widows. But, above all, she knew how to communicate her apostolic flame to the Society of the Daughters of St. Francis de Sales which she founded.  

        The vital bond with Christ created in baptism, establishes the duty of apostleship. Living deeply united with Him assures its faithfulness. Madame Carre and her Daughters understood this well. They perfected methods compatible with the Ordinary lives of women living in the world, whether married, widowed or single that would assure this union with Christ throughout their entire lives.
        The unusual thing is that these methods and this spirituality to be used by “people of the world” have proven marvelously apt also for forming and sustaining in their apostolic lives “missionaries” who concentrate themselves totally to the service of the foreign missions.

        Following St. Francis de Sales, Madame Carre lived in entire submission to “God’s good pleasure”. It was along this way that she led her Daughters. The will of God which is called ‘His will of good pleasure’, is made known to us through every event.


        In June, 1909, Caroline Carré, the foundress of DSFS was pronounced Venerable in a decree by the Diocese of Metz, France.  (The title of venerable is given to those whose cause for23 beatification and canonization has been officially accepted for consideration by the Vatican.)
        Fr. Charles Cauty-Ancel was our postulator for the cause. On May 2009 General Assembly in France, we learned that our postulator Fr. Charles Cauty-Ancel had moved from Lorry, France to Jerusalem due to illness and advanced age.  In seeking advisement from the Vatican, it was recommended that a new postulator was needed with a preference towards someone residing in Rome who could make  frequent inquiries. A French religious living in Rome  known to the SMMI's was being contacted for this purpose.

        The cause for beatification of our foundress was in progress.  She was discussed in the Congress of Theologians on March 16, 2012, which concerned the approbation of heroic virtues. They had given a favorable opinion on her cause.  In fact, one of them suggested that we call her "Foundress, wife and mother".  Then her cause was to be examined by the College of Cardinals.

        Fr. Pere Jose Carlos Brinon, SCJ, received his official nomination as postulator of the cause in July, 2012. He is living in Rome and is responsible for the causes of their priests.

        On January 21, 2014, the Council of Bishops and Cardinals met in Rome to consider the Cause for Madame Carre.

        We pray that all procedures may go on successfully. We wait eagerly to look at her as a saint.