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Holysprit     From the beginning, the Society was under the patronage of the Holy Spirit & Pentecost is the greatest feast of the Society.

    “St. Francis De Sales led you to the Holy Spirit… God is calling you to the perfect life according to the Spirit of Jesus: that is your special vocation”.

    Fr. Henri Chaumont was well aware that Christians of his time did not know about Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Holy Trinity. He was fully aware of the influence of the Holy Spirit in our salvation. So he wanted the Society to have special devotion to the Holy Spirit. After the example of Jesus, SFS willed to remain delicately, lovingly, under the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. Fr. Chaumont clearly speaks about the importance of our devotion to the Holy Spirit in his Pentecost Retreat of 1895.

    “Remain Daughters of the Spirit of Jesus, Daughters of SFS and nothing else”.