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From the very start of the Society Fr. Henri Chaumont had shown the aim and Spirit of the Society:
    “….Our aim is to model our lives on the life of Jesus Christ, assimilating in us the counsels and precepts of the Gospel in order to practice them on all their perfection, in simplicity of the evangelical holiness.2SFS For this we follow the method of SFS who is recognized by the Church as a great master of spiritual directors”. Fr. Chaumont was clear that he wanted his Daughters to follow the Spirituality of SFS as fundamental principle. He says,

    “We are called to the fullness of Christian life and perfection of love through faithfulness to our duty of state as Salesian Missionaries of Mary Immaculate”.

    Right from the early stages of our formation, we find a stress given to the Salesian Formation which is acquired through study, reflections and the method of probations. Fr. Chaumont says, “Since St. Francis De Sales is a Doctor of the Church, we must assimilate more and more his sound holy Doctrine. It is particularly luminous; it opens up admirable vistas of loving kindness and generosity; it is always comforting, which is very precious, for the practice of the lessons of truth often costs much to the human nature…lastly it is practical…and so one has never regretted having followed his advice”.