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    The Salesian Societies founded by Fr. Henry Chaumont and Mrs. Carre de Malberg comprise of people from all states of life in the church. These Societies are…..

The St. Francis de Sales Association:
    The first meeting took place on 15th October 1872. They strive to live a life of union with God and participate in the apostolate of the Church while leading their family or professional life in the world.

The Salesian Missionaries of Mary Immaculate:
    The religious branch of the above Society is called the Salesian Missionaries of Mary Immaculate. Hence all SMMI are Daughters of St. Francis de Sales who live in religious communities and are engaged in missionary activities.

Priests of St. Francis de Sales:
    The Association of priests of St. Francis de Sales, was founded in 1876. They are the diocesan priests owing their obedience to their respective Bishops. But they exercise their priesthood in a Salesian manner. Individual & group spiritual animation is their priority in their varied ministries. This sacerdotal union fosters priestly brotherhood through prayer, sharing and meeting. This would be of great help for those diocesan priests who live an isolated life.

Sons of St. Francis de Sales:
    This was started in 1887. It is meant for laymen who aspire to Christian perfection in fulfilling their duties of state. They are also expected to be humble & devoted auxiliaries of priests.